It's not subtle, but what commercial is? A new, one-minute video called Gallons Of Light does an expert job highlighting the invisible benefits of electric drive: getting energy from sunlight while roadtripping in a Tesla Model S.

It may look and sound top-notch, but this is not an official Tesla video, it is the work of a fan. As you can probably tell by watching the video below, it is also not the work of a video amateur. No, the man behind the "ad" is Jordan Bloch, who has apparently also made videos for companies like Nike, British Airways and Nissan.

It's too much to spoil the entire video for you (and it'll only take 60-seconds to watch for yourself), but the gist of the spot is that – with the right EV – you can go on free road trips, powered by the sun. It's a compelling little video, digesting a lot of arguments in favor of the Model S into one well-lit chunk. The story of how this video came to be is just as interesting, and it available here. One excerpt:

And here we were, a small team of young filmmakers hungry to make a difference in the world. When it came to the issue of financing the commercial, it wasn't a matter of if but how we would complete the project with our limited resources (remember, Tesla was not paying us to do this). That left us utilizing "old school" technology for our camera rigging. It's not what the big budget commercial guys use, but it did the trick.

Good stuff.

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