EV progress in Cayman Islands says here Wheego

When you're driving an electric vehicle on a small, tropical island, the question "What range anxiety?" comes to mind. When you're driving an EV in a place with roughly $8-a-gallon gas, then you can also ask, "No, really, why would I be driving anything else?"

People in the Cayman Islands will soon be able to rent a small EV, the Wheego, from the local Budget rental agency at a cost of between 70 and 80 Cayman Island dollars (about $85-$98 US) a day. John Felder, the president and CEO of Cayman Automotive Leasing and Sales (pictured, left), told AutoblogGreen that Wheego offered special incentives to close the sale and that Budget offices in nearby islands are now also interested in offering zero-emission driving to tourists. The Budget in St. Thomas just bought six Wheegos, for example. You can watch a video report from Cayman 27 here.

Felder is an EV pioneer on the Cayman Islands - it hasn't always been easy - and says he has sold around two dozen since a law was passed in 2011 to allow purely electric vehicles to drive on public roads. The shopping list looks like our headlines from about five years ago. Felder says the prices for his EVs range from $17,500 ($21,000 US) for a GEM to $35,000 ($42,700 US) for a Wheego and or a Think City, before incentives. That might seem high for older cars when we've got brand new EVs here in the US - where even the Wheego starts at $32,995 - but Felder said the per-mile running cost for the EVs is roughly half what it would be with gas, so there's a good incentive in the islands.

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