Watch Jeff Gordon get back at Jalopnik with this awesome prank

Nearly a year ago, NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi for a commercial. Gordon would be disguised and terrorize a used car salesman on an extreme test drive. It was staged, quite obviously, we said. Our friends at Jalopnik were a bit more vociferous in calling out the ad's more artificial points.

This evidently annoyed Gordon, who along with former Jalopnik Editor-in-Chief Ray Wert, decided to exact revenge on the writer responsible, Travis Okulski.

In the excellent video you see below, the ever-affable Okulski is lured to Charlotte under the guise of getting an early drive of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. He's picked up by Gordon, who is disguised as an ex-con/taxi driver. Things go very wrong – and yet oh-so-right – from there. Have a look belowfor this very funny video, and then hop over to Jalopnik for Okulski's full account of the adventure.

Well played, everyone. Well played.

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