Two days after New York City mayor Bill de Blasio presented new traffic measures aimed at improving pedestrian safety, his own motorcade was spotted violating traffic laws.

CBS 2 taped the mayor's caravan blowing through stop signs and speeding 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit in Queens on Thursday. The mayor sat in the front passenger seat of the lead car. The NYPD, which is in charge of the mayor's transportation and safety, told CBS the mayor's caravan uses special driving techniques in the interest of safety. The driver of the car carrying the mayor was a member of his security detail.

CBS noted the driver wracked up enough violations to have his license suspended if he were ticketed as a normal citizen. The mayor made ending traffic deaths in the city one of his top priorities during his campaign. He promised to end all traffic deaths by 2024. He has a long way to go. Last year 148 pedestrians were killed in the city, according to the New York Times.

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