Police investigate the scene where at least five childr... Police investigate the scene where at least five children were hit in a traffic accident in New York City. Two children were reportedly killed (Getty Images).
Right of Way, an advocacy group in New York City, is holding new mayor Bill de Blasio to his promise of eliminating all traffic fatalities in the city by 2024. The group is tracking every single death that occurs on city roads in the coming year, according to the New York Post. The organization calls the effort the "Vision Zero Clock."

The "clock," a website that updates as traffic fatalities occur, is divided into four different categories: Total Deaths, Pedestrian Deaths, Cyclist Deaths and Driver And Passenger Deaths. Every time someone dies on the road in New York, the number in the appropriate category will increase. The clock will also designate whether the mayor's plan is on track, displaying a bold "YES" whenever 10 percent fewer people have been killed in 2014 than at the same point in 2013.

The clock will start running as soon as 2014 commences on Wednesday.

Traffic fatalities, especially pedestrian fatalities, are a big problem in New York. According to the New York Times, there were 274 traffic fatalities last year -- the highest number since 2008. Out of that total number, 148 were pedestrians.

Although traffic fatalities are trending down over the long term and New York's numbers are relatively low compared to other big cities, de Blasio still sees the issue as a major one. He has made curbing the number of traffic fatalities on his city's streets a major priority for his administration.

According to the mayor's website, his administration will fulfill its goal of completely eliminating traffic fatalities through an expansion of 20-mph "slow zones" in the city, expanded enforcement of reckless driving and the installation of speed cameras.

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