An accident involving a car that had overturned while heading northbound on I-805 in Chula Vista, CA, took a strange turn on Tuesday when news cameras on the scene captured a police officer placing handcuffs on a firefighter and putting him in the back of a California Highway Patrol cruiser. Reports indicate that the officer had asked the firefighter to move his fire engine from the No. 1 lane on southbound I-805, and he refused.

A local news team was there to capture the firefighter's cuffing and detention and reports he was released about a half hour later. No formal statement has emerged from either the CHP or Chula Vista Fire Department, but both sides reportedly met yesterday to discuss the incident.

Hopefully they can work it out with a charity softball game or something – anything that convinces the public again our first responders are more interested in working together to help us at the scene of an emergency than arguing over parking. Scroll down to watch a video of the incident yourself.
San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

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