Watch this lucky tow truck driver escape a sliding car

Yesterday, we had reported that this week's snow and ice storm in the Southeast had claimed 13 lives, but this scary traffic camera video from Mobile, AL proves just how easily it could have reached 14. A tow truck driver cleaning up the ice-related crash of a Toyota Tacoma on I-10 found himself just inches away from an out-of-control Nissan Xterra.

Despite the presence of a Department of Transportation truck and a police car, the Xterra still appeared to be driving too fast for conditions. Mobile's Local 15 caught up with the driver who talked about the scary encounter, and it sounds like the only thing that saved him from sure death was the driver in the DOT truck yelling at him to watch out. In the video, which is posted below, the driver appears to be shaken but okay, although he doesn't remember stiff-arming the Nissan as it struck his flat-bed truck.

The report does not say if anyone inside the Xterra was injured, but we hope they were all just as lucky as this worker.

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