Renault Zoe EV sells 10,000 units in first year

Renault can find both good and bad news from its offering on the European electric vehicle market – the Zoe EV sold only one fifth of its sales target for its first year - with 10,000 units sold – but it appears that French customers who do bite are falling in love with the little EV.

Renault celebrated the first birthday of the Zoe small electric car at the Chateau de Versailles in France – one year after it was launched there. The government of Versailles is pleased with all 23 Renault EVs (three Zoes, plus 10 Twizy and 10 Kangoo Z.E. EVs) that its employees are driving. Other Zoe owners had very good things to say about their experiences with the car – 98 percent of Zoe owners are satisfied and 98 percent would recommend it, Renault says. It helps to get a high safety rating, as well. The Zoe was named the "Best Electric Vehicle of 2013" by Euro NCAP, an independent safety rating organization.

Benoist, a 50-year-old doctor, said that his Zoe is his first ever new car, and he loves it. It's smooth and quiet, and comfortable to drive – and very interesting: "And it's funny to see how ZOE attracts looks and smiles from people who are clearly intrigued by electric cars," he says in the Renault UK press release below.

The Zoe in some way represent a limitation in the European EV market. At 10,000 units sold so far, it makes up 40 percent of its market share. One thing that could help sales this year is "Zoe Access," a new battery rental service available for 49 pounds (about $81) per month that also reduced the upfront cost of the car.


  • One year after its launch in December 2012, ZOE blew out its first candle at the Château de Versailles, Renault's partner location.
  • More than forty lucky owners will gather in the low gallery at Versailles, to talk about their experience with ZOE and conduct a first appraisal.
  • Named by EuroNCAP as the best supermini ZOE has already sold 10,000 units and has more surprises in store as we move into 2014...

An exceptional location for an exceptional car... The flagship vehicle in the Renault Z.E. range, ZOE is opening the gates of the Château de Versailles to celebrate its first birthday.

Following the partnership agreement signed by Renault and the Château de Versailles on July 29, 2013, almost 23 electric cars (10 Twizy, 10 Kangoo ZE, 3 ZOE) are used by employees (security guards for Versailles and Marly, gardeners, administration....). Thirty charging stations have been installed in the grounds. This partnership protects the environment of the gardens, and contributes to the comfort and safety of the 12 million annual visitors.

ZOE drivers are its best spokespeople. For this first anniversary, Renault received a huge and enthusiastic response when it invited owners to come and talk about their car and their experience with ZOE. Many believe that simply test driving an electric car is enough to make anybody want one: 98% of ZOE owners are satisfied and 97% would recommend it. Alongside driving pleasure, customers appreciate the comfort offered by ZOE: no noise, no vibrations and smooth acceleration (no gear shift).

In terms of safety, ZOE meets the highest standards. It was recently named "Best Electric Vehicle of 2013" by Euro NCAP, the independent test organization.

For Benoist, 50 years old, a doctor who loves new technologies, his car gives him a more relaxed approach to life: "I took delivery of ZOE, my first new car, just over a month ago, and I love it. The fact that it's so smooth and quiet makes it really comfortable to drive. And it's funny to see how ZOE attracts looks and smiles from people who are clearly intrigued by electric cars".

Renault is a pioneer and leader on the electric vehicle market in Europe, with market share of over 40% and already 10,000 ZOE vehicles sold to date. With many other manufacturers now starting to build electric cars, Renault already has a full line-up of electric vehicles and remains well ahead of the field.

Starting 2014 with good news, for consumers buying a new ZOE, Renault is launching "ZOE Access", a new battery rental service from €49/month, targeting drivers with low mileage.

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