Amazon Delivers Car In Giant Box

Reddit users spot car being delivered

What's the largest thing will ship to your address? How about a brand-new car.

Reddit users have been following the big box story since Monday, when a user posted a picture of a huge Amazon box on a flatbed truck on a street in Madison, Wis. It was a mystery, until another user pointed out the recent partnership between Amazon and Nissan.

Adweek reported Nissan confirmed the package was one of their Versa Notes being delivered inside the enormous box with the trademark Amazon smile. Nissan had planned to create a video of the delivery, but eagle-eyed redditors broke the story before Nissan had a chance.

Versa Notes won't be delivered like this in the future, this was a one-time deal for a single lucky car shopper. Still, the car's unusual shipping method has got people talking the way only a good publicity stunt can.

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