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We're here all afternoon to answer questions and talk cars.

2019 Mazda CX-5 to get 2.5-liter turbo and revised G-Vectoring

An alleged internal Mazda document revealed the changes

An alleged internal Mazda document revealed the changes.

Ford issues service repair to fix blown Focus RS head gaskets

The issue has simmered for almost a year on a Focus RS online forum.

The issue has simmered for almost a year on a Focus RS online forum.

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Tesla reservation holders may get Model 3 deliveries next week

Just in time for Christmas.

New evidence that non-employee customer orders are starting to be filled — just in time for Christmas.

Behind the viral Honda Accord video | A tale of love — and an Internet-famous cat

From passion project to a marriage proposal.

From passion project to a marriage proposal.

Musk admonishes Tesla employees for giving special discounts

He thanks them for a great quarter, though, and apologizes for his 'draconian language.'

"We either win in a way that is fair and right or we lose with our honor intact and accept the consequences."

UCS researcher talks oil, alt fuels, cats in Reddit AMA

Don't worry about running out of oil, the emissions will get us first.

The Union of Concerned Scientists' Dr. Jeremy Martin gives a realistic look at the future of fuels both traditional and alternative.

Tesla Model S catches fire in France during test drive

Full details are not yet known.

This story will be updated as more details come in.

Woman on walk in the woods comes across robot

A woman in Boston accidentally stumbled upon something unnatural lurking in the forest as she walked her dog on a nature trail.

Clarkson, Hammond, and May coming to Amazon this Fall

Captain Slow confirms Clarkson's timeline for the new show.

Amazon Delivers Car In Giant Box

Reddit users spot car being delivered

What's the largest thing Amazon.com will ship to your address? How about a brand-new car.

Colorado cop jokingly tickets Blackhawk helicopter

Upon stumbling on a Blackhawk helicopter illegally parked in the street, this officer did the only thing he could: he wrote the pilot a ticket. It seems the pilot had "Parked in a no-parking zone" and had "Parked facing the wrong way." A double whammy, then.

Man Caught On Camera Throwing Cans, Yelling Racial Slurs At Another Driver

The victim says the driver was yelling racist slurs

This video shows how ugly people can be toward other drivers. Driver and Reddit user affirmationuncertain was the victim of racist-tinged road rage on the freeways outside of Los Angeles this weekend, and he caught it all on camera.

Driver's ed notes from 1969 say things have really changed

What do you remember from driver's training? In my case, I took private lessons from a geriatric instructor in Holland, Michigan, mostly because I had somehow missed the signup for the class offered by my high school. I spent two weeks going after school, watched some instructional videos, drove around in a car that had a brake pedal on the right side for the teacher (he didn't use the brake for me, but he did jerk the steering wheel out of my hand on a few occasions), and then took a take-home