Aftermarket carbon fiber rear spoiler for Tesla Model S is priced accordingly

Need a little something extra for your Tesla Model S? Robert Strohmeyer and EV Autosalon have you covered. The item is a thin rear spoiler, and it only costs $1,200.

Strohmeyer sent AutoblogGreen an email about his new aftermarket parts company focusing on full EVs and plug-in hybrids. "Naturally," he wrote, "I started with the Tesla Model S" and the spoiler is the first product he's offering. EV Autosalon claims the very first of its EVA fiberglass spoilers was shipped last week and that more will go out next week.

A few things to note. The spoiler – available in both fiberglass and carbon fiber - comes unpainted "so that [it] can be painted and installed by your local body shop of choice to match your Model S perfectly." The spoiler is meant to be attached to your Model S with 3M industrial strength body molding tape and will come with templates so that you can line up the spoiler with the edges of the trunk - you don't want this one to get put on crooked.

The $1,200 price tag is for the matte or glossy carbon fiber spoilers. The fiberglass version will set you back $600, well below the cost of the official carbon fiber rear spoiler for the Tesla Roadster ($1,700). If you want an official rear spoiler for the Model S, you need to order it when you order the car (there is currently no option to buy one in the accessories section of company website), and Tesla will only put it on the $85,900 85-kWh Performance model. Tesla says the official spoiler will, "improve high speed stability" and will "reduce lift at the car's rear by 77% at highway speeds, with minimal range impact." Strohmeyer isn't making any performance claims about his aftermarket spoiler, but some members of the Tesla Motors Club like the look of it. Do you?

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