GM Futurliner hoping to become world's most expensive car hauler

Among what appears to be many interests, Brad Boyajian spends much of his time restoring trucks and buses. And among them, Boyajian counts restorations of one of the mightiest buses of them all: the General Motors Futurliner. Twelve of the GM battle jitneys were built for the Parade of Progress in the early forties, nine are known to exist. When one ended up on Boyajian's doorstep in 2002, it didn't come with enough parts for him to be able to restore it - and he planned to cannibalize what he could of it in order to restore two other Futurliners he was working on - so he decided to turn it into a truck hauler that could transport his other projects to shows.

The result is a Futurliner cab with a a 29-foot bed surrounded by a clamshell rear end that encloses the loading ramps, laid over the chassis from a 1978 C.C.C. garbage truck and powered by an 855-cubic-inch, inline-six-cylinder Cummins diesel. The body has been modified with a tilt cab to make engine access easier and the package is supported all-round by air springs rated at 20,000 pounds. It's a four-seater inside, and with the installed air conditioning Boyjian says "It's noisier than it is hot." Other touches include 240-volt flood lights and a train horn.

Turning attention to his other projects, Boyajian is selling his Futurliner - Futurhauler? - for an asking price of $1.25 million. You'll find the listing and more photos at American Movie Trucks for a virtual tire-kicking. Act now and it could be yours, and there's only one of them in the whole galaxy...

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