Call us optimistic, but it seems that a golden age of racing movies could be upon us once again. After classics like Le Mans and Grand Prix gave way to cheeseballs like Days of Thunder and Driven, the past few years have given us the epic documentary Senna and the recent blockbuster Rush. And the next great racing movie could be speeding around the corner.

That movie is called Go Like Hell, a film adaptation of the AJ Baime book about the epic showdown between Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans in the 1960s. Just a couple of months ago we brought you news that Tom Cruise had signed on to play Carroll Shelby, and now the buzz on the streets of Hollywood has it that Brad Pitt has signed on as well.

Just what roll Pitt would play in the movie remains to be seen, but he was reportedly first approached about the project when Michael Mann was in the director's chair. Now that Oblivion director Joseph Kosinki has taken over, Pitt has reportedly signed on the dotted line.

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