We knew this moment would come. Partly because Toyota told us it would back in July, but also because we've been watching too many sci-fi movies. The moment in question is when a robot would hold a conversation with a human in outer space. Which may not seem that cataclysmic, but we're here to point out that a) this is the first time it has ever happened, and b) it could mark the beginning of the apocalypse, wrought on us by robots from outer space.

The conversation took place on board the International Space Station between Commander Koichi Wakata of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency and Kirobo, a foot-tall robot that encompasses the latest advancements in voice-recognition software achieved by Toyota. We can only (but would rather not) imagine what practical applications this might have in the future, but for now, you can watch the landmark event unfold in the video below.
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Robot Astronaut Has Historic Talk on International Space Station

Watch the Robot Astronaut Kirobo make history as the first robot to have a conversation in space. Kirobo spoke with human Astronaut Wakata on Dec. 6, 2013 at the International Space Station. Kirobo is one of two humanoid robots developed under the Kibo Robot Project, a collaborative research effort.

Robot Astronaut Kirobo and astronaut Koichi Wakata made history when they had a conversation on the International Space Station on Dec. 6, 2013. The conversation was the first of its kind between a human and a robot in outer space.

Kirobo arrived at the space station in early August. The pint-sized robot is equipped with voice-recognition software from Toyota.

To see what they talked about, check out the footage of their chat.

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