Cars in the United Kingdom are required to have what's known as a tax disc - a little, circular sticker fitted to the inside of a car's windshield. It signifies that tax has been paid on the car, and is roughly analogous to the registration stickers on some American license plates. In the US, though, we don't really have to worry about anything eating our registration stickers.

A British repair shop did, though, when they found a snail snacking away on the tax disc of a Peugeot van they were repairing. Naturally, they didn't discover the munching mollusk until the local constabulary had left a 100-pound ($164.23) fine for the half-missing sticker. Rather than pass the discless Pug off back to its owner, the men, Jon Roles and his father Steve, set about convincing local police that the only foul play was on the part of the snail.

"As the vehicle was in the care of the garage at the time we felt the liability rested with us so we appealed on the customer's behalf," Roles Senior told The Western Gazette. According to the Roles, police weren't interested in hearing their story. "We explained the situation but they weren't too keen to see the evidence."

Finally, the two got through by sending a letter with pictures of the snail consuming the tax disc, which led Avon and Somerset Police to void the fine. The official letter from the bobbies included advice to "interrogate the offender, preferably with a teaspoon of salt."

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