This time-travelling ad promotes every brand, and Tesla most of all

This one's kind of a noodle-scratcher. Whatever Salesforce is – and it claims to be the "world's #1 CRM [Customer relationship management] app" – it does know how to pack a lot of brands into one video. And a strange one it is.

The ad, available below, is a four-and-a-half minute romp around the world in a Tesla Model S. The driver is Parker Harris, Salesforce co-founder, who visits multiple continents and even different years in order to let a stunning number of companies know (apparently) about the benefits of Salesforce. Or maybe he just wants to show off his flux-capacitor-capable Model S. Oh, and it looks like this particular EV would be right at home in the Globemaster‎ from Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., given that it falls out of an airplane with a parachute and drives away sans problem when it hits the ground. Like we said, it's a pretty trippy little video and you watch it below. Then can you please explain it to us? Thanks.

Tesla Model S Information

Tesla Model S

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