Did the McLaren P1 lap the 'Ring in 6:47?

Yesterday McLaren released official performance stats for the new P1, including a blistering 2.8-second 0-62 time, along with additional acceleration and braking figures. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

No, what enthusiasts will really be waiting to see is how fast the new McLaren P1 will hustle around the Nürburgring. Rumor had it that the Big Mac had clocked a 7:04 lap time, but McLaren wouldn't confirm it, and with just cause: the Porsche 918 Spyder broke the seven-minute barrier (and the lap record for street-legal production cars) around the same time, and McLaren apparently thought it could do better.

Well, it looks like it has, if the latest rumors emanating from the Nordschleife prove accurate. According to YouTube user swsthebest1994, who uploaded the video below, McLaren has managed a 6:47 lap time, which would make it a solid 10 seconds faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder. We'll have to wait on official confirmation of the time, but if it's true, we could have a new Ringmeister on our hands – and a challenge set not only for Porsche, which says it can still best its own time, but also Ferrari.

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