Tesla Model S laps Laguna Seca, gives us a track tutorial

The Tesla Model S is not a track car. Yet, when we watched it make its way around (the very awesome) Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during the 2013 Refuel Sport Electric TT, we couldn't help but be impressed that the electric passenger sedan, penalized by more than 4,600 pounds of curb weight and rolling on street tires, could lap the course in just over a minute and 48 seconds.

Now, the automaker has released some footage from the event that gives you an idea what that looks like. It also drops a bit of track knowledge to help you appreciate some of the finer points of the circuit. We only regret that it wasn't us behind the wheel, but it was made quite clear that the company was there only for the benefit of certain lucky employees and its customers, not drooling (and silently weeping) journalists. Oh well, at least we have the video below that we can all watch together.

Tesla Model S Information

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