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Florida man arrested in road rage incident captured in viral video

Video shows a motorcyclist rammed off the road in Sarasota, Fla.

Police in Florida say they've arrested a Sarasota man in connection with a violent road rage incident, captured in a viral video, that injured a motorcyclist.

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Road Rage Over Parking Space | Autoblog Minute

Recently surfaced footage shows another road rage scene involving a cyclist. This bizarre incident started as a dispute between neighbors over a parking space.

Impatient Woman Uses Mazda To Push Taxi Out Of Her Way

Crowd cheered as driver repeatedly hit cab from behind

A woman in the nightlife district of Medellin, Colombia didn't feel like waiting for the taxi in front of her car to move.

Enraged Driver Steers Wrong Way Down Highway

He was trying to keep up with a driver, on the other side of the highway, who'd cut him off

An angry driver was caught on camera as he drove eastbound down the westbound lane in a fit of road rage.

Road-Rage Jousting Between Two Cars Caught On Video

One driver runs another off road, nearly causes big crash

A truck driver with a dash cam captured footage of a brazen road-rage assault between two vehicles.