Controversial Truck Decal Gets Ripped Off, Burned

The tailgate wrap which grabbed national attention for featuring a woman bound in the back of a truck has been stripped and burned by the company that made it.

Last week, Hornet Signs out of Waco, Texas, made headlines with it's tailgate wrap of a woman lying in the bed of the truck, her hands and feet bound in hemp rope. The sign company created the wrap to advertise their realistic custom print jobs.

The small company wasn't prepared for the backlash the print caused. Owner Brad Kolb has been accused of glorifying kidnapping and violence against women. Threats have been made against Kolb and his employees and their Facebook page is filled with angry comments.

After asking what he should do with the image Kolb decided to strip it off of his employee's truck and burn it. The company also donated $2,500 to the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children in Waco according to USA Today.

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