Texas Company's Truck Decal So Real Concerned Citizens Call Police

Wrap on the truck bed door shows an image of a woman being kidnapped

A company out of Waco, Texas, has been turning heads with a car wrap some say promote violence against women.

The wrap, which creates the illusion of a woman bound in the back of a pick up truck, was printed by Waco-based Hornet Signs. An employee posed for the picture and the decal was put on the back of another employee's truck. Owner Brad Kolb told KWTX News 10 the decal was meant to advertise the realism of his print shop's work.

It may be a little too realistic. Several viewers of the segment claimed to have called the police after seeing the wrap. According to KWTX News 10, reactions in the community have been mainly negative, though some argue the company's advertising must be working. Hornet Signs is gaining national notoriety, albeit for their poor taste.

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