Bare-breasted woman's motorcycle crash caught on cop dashcam

We've said it before, we'll say it now: it's not that stranger things are happening now, it's just that the interwebz allow us to spread them to the world at the speed of fiber optic light. The latest incident captured on America's version of the Russian dash-cam, which is the policeman's dash-cam, is a woman just outside Milwaukee riding erratically down the highway on a motorcycle.

Sure, that's pretty thin. But this woman had unbuttoned her shirt, was screaming, her breasts bared, slowing down to 10 miles per hour and "kind of assaulting people with her motorcycle," and speeding up again.

Not surprisingly, she got the attention of the authorities pretty quickly, who followed her until she crashed. Her only injury: a cut on the chin. Her only lapse: riding while under the influence of prescription drugs. For the second time, since she'd been busted for it before.

You can watch the video subtitled "Just another day in America" below. It is totally SFW.

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