Tesla to introduce all-wheel-drive Model S in 2014?

2012 Tesla Model S
2012 Tesla Model S
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The Model X sport utility vehicle may not be the first all-wheel-drive Tesla to hit the market. According to The Verge, Tesla is working on an AWD version of its Model S sedan. Currently, the Model S is only available with rear-wheel drive, but sources in the know at Tesla reportedly have said that an AWD version could be released as early as 2014, which is the same year the SUV is expected to be launch.

There was no hint in yesterday's conference call or shareholder letter that an AWD Model S is in the mix. Furthermore, the company's attention currently is focused in other places, such as Europe, Japan and China. But, as The Verge points out, CEO Elon Musk made comments in the 2013 annual shareholder meeting on June 4 about an AWD chassis that would be released in 2014 or 2015 – without the context of the Model X. We have to wonder: were the SUV's drivetrain and chassis also developed with other vehicles in mind?

Our own Domenick Yoney from AutoblogGreen adds another peculiar twist to the Tesla story: "When I spoke to Dorian West, Director of Powertrain Hardware Engineering, at Refuel, I was given the strong impression that I shouldn't expect anything [on the AWD front from Tesla] until after the Model X comes out."

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