A San Diego man was arrested by police at gunpoint for allegedly leading them on a high-speed chase involving multiple police cars and a helicopter. The chase only ended when the man ran over a spike strip, puncturing one or more of his tires, according to a report from U-T San Diego.

The reason the man was fleeing? Not drugs, or drunk driving, or driving without a license - he was trying to get to the hospital in time for the birth of his child. Apparently, paramedics had taken his wife to the hospital, and he followed in his personal car. The report isn't clear, but at some point, the paramedics got far enough ahead of him that he resulted to speeding and swerving to catch up. The police, who occasionally make mistakes too, thought he was a drunk driver and attempted to pull him over. When that failed, the spike strip got involved.

Complying with the officer's directions, the father-to-be stepped away from the vehicle and was arrested. The man's argument that he was dedicated to being by his wife's side was apparently enough for police, who received confirmation from paramedics and released him. Proving that no justifiable crime goes unpunished, the cops have reportedly forwarded a report to the San Diego city attorney's office, which is debating whether to file failure to yield charges. It's unclear if the man made it to the hospital in time.

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