Morgan Roadster and 3 Wheeler get stunning Brooklands treatment

Morgan has rolled out a V6 Roadster and a 3 Wheeler inspired by the UK's legendary Brooklands racing circuit. Each limited to 50 units, the new specials are "designed to celebrate the ancestry of British racing cars and their styling" with special color combinations, satin finishes and detailing.

The Roadster comes in Jaguar "Brooklands" Green, Speed Silver Satin hood and radiator cowl and silver A-pillars and window surrounds. A black stitched leather interior will be set off by a special Brooklands steering wheel, light silver gauge bezels, a sculpted box cover and more space for the pedals. The Roadster costs 40,000 pounds ($61,532 US) plus Value Added Tax, a supplementary options list allowing you to add generously to that price.

The 3 Wheeler will come standard in that same Jaguar "Brooklands" Green hue, but a polished body with extra rivets will also be offered as a cost option. We have been informed that the Brooklands Edition 3 Wheeler will be offered for sale in the US, and the price will be announced in September. The press release below has more.
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Brooklands Edition Roadster and 3 Wheeler

The Brooklands circuit was the brainchild of Hugh Locke-King, and was opened on 17 June 1907 as the first purpose-built banked motor race circuit in the world.

Requirements of speed and spectator visibility led to the Brooklands track being built as a 100 ft (30 m) wide, 2.75 miles (4.43 km) long, banked oval. The banking was nearly 30 feet (9 m) high in places. In addition to the oval, a bisecting "Finishing Straight" was built, increasing the track length to 3.25 miles (5.23 km), of which 1.25 miles (2.01 km) was banked. It could host up to 287,000 spectators in its heyday.

Along the centre of the track ran a dotted black line, known as the Fifty Foot Line. By driving over the line, a driver could theoretically take the banked corners without having to use the steering wheel.

Brooklands was more than a great sporting arena. Brooklands was the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, home of Concorde and the site of many engineering and technological achievements throughout eight decades of the 20th century.

These Limited edition Brooklands inspired Morgans have been designed to celebrate the ancestry of British racing cars and their styling. An unusual arrangement of classic colour-ways, black detailing, and satin finishes are both in vogue and visible on cars of the era. The cars focus on using the options currently available on a Morgan car in a cost effective manner.

Only 50 of each the Brooklands Roadster 3.7l V6 and 3 Wheeler vehicles will be buiilt. Each car includes a limited edition numbered dash plaque, an array of cost options, a Brooklands centenary book, and an annual membership to the Brooklands trust.

Roadster Std. Specification (from £40,000+VAT ex factory)

Jaguar 'Brooklands' green Body
Speed Silver Satin Bonnet and Cowl
Standard side screens A posts and cowl (silver) (see options list for NEW black)
Muirhead black leather (Matching stitch ) with perforated centresBrooklands steering wheel
Silver light pod surrounds
Black Alloy Wheels
Aero Racing Green front splitter
Enamelled Union Jack badge on bonnet
Black stonegaurd
Louvred back panel (+8 style)
Black hood
Black Bonnet Strap
New Performance Sports seats
Body colour (green) dash board
Black Rubber floor matts
'Brooklands racing circuit' vinyl limited edition graphic on back
Limited edition numbered plaque on dashboard
NEW sculpted gearbox cover
NEW more pedal space
NEW gear lever position
Twin anti tramp bars
Adjustable gas dampers all round
Round mirrors
Brooklands centenary Book
Annual membership to the Brooklands trust

Optional Cost Extras (Prices + VAT)

Polished aluminium bonnets and cowl £ 950.00
'Black pack' (glass house trims and head light surrounds) £ 120.00
4x Alloys with silver accents £ 1200.00
4x Stainless wires £ 1900.00
As above, including spare wheel £ 2475.00
4x black 'Sport' wires £ 1500.00
As above, including spare wheel £ 1975.00
Sports exhaust (Aftermarket) £ 1116.15

3 Wheeler Std. Specification (Price £TBC. Sept 2013 Launch)

Jaguar 'Brooklands' green Body
Polished cowl
Brooklands steering wheel
NEW Brooklands exhaust (after market) in polished finish
Black bonnet strap
Enamelled Union Jack badge on bonnet
Black Tonneau cover
Black pleated leather
Polished engine
Black Roll hoops, lamps, and details etc)
Black leather
Black Rubber floor matts
'Brooklands racing circuit' vinyl limited edition graphic
'Brooklands racing circuit' embossed graphic on dashboard leather
Brooklands centenary Book
Annual membership to the Brooklands trust

Optional Cost Extras (Price £TBC. Sept 2013 Launch)

NEW fully Polished body with extra rivets
Intercom system
Heated seats
TOAD immobilizer
Leather storage pockets

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