There is simply no end to the crazy stuff the crew from Red Bull will sponsor. From the well-known Formula 1 outfit to moped rallies to what you see here, soapbox racers, there seems to be nothing worth doing (or not, we suppose) that the energy drink isn't interested in. And we're thankful for that.

If not for Red Bull, where else in the world would you see grown men and women storm Alexandra Palace in the UK to spend a day barreling down a hill barricaded by hay bails with strategically placed jumps in gravity-driven wheeled vehicles just to get judged on their speed, creativity and showmanship? Nowhere. That's where.

We can't show you all 70-something teams that took part in the soapbox festivities in the UK this year, but we have managed to scrounge together a gallery of images from the event, and you can see videos of the top three finishers, along with some high- and low-lights, below.

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