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The List #0989: Race in a soapbox derby

Jessi And Patrick Compete Head-To-Head At Derby Downs

For nearly 80 years, Akron, OH has been the home of the All-American Soap Box Derby. While hosts Jessi and Patrick may not qualify for the main event, that won't stop them from competing in a head-to-head race to see who can be first across the finish in adult-sized soap boxes, reserved for celebrity races.

Real-life Lego Batmobile competes in Red Bull soapbox race

A British team called "You Gotham Be Kidding Me" built this life-size Lego Batmobile for the Red Bull soapbox race in London this weekend, complete with giant fins, connecting nubbins, and matching costumes.

Boy builds 'supersonic' soapbox racer

An English boy who built a "supersonic" soapbox racer got to meet the man who inspired his new love of engineering on Tuesday.

Red Bull Soapbox winners and racers in all their glory [w/videos]

There is simply no end to the crazy stuff the crew from Red Bull will sponsor. From the well-known Formula 1 outfit to moped rallies to what you see here, soapbox racers, there seems to be nothing worth doing (or not, we suppose) that the energy drink isn't interested in. And we're thankful for that.

Badass soapbox racer built by... Zebco?

Click above for gallery of the Zebco soapbox racer