The Internet hasn't made the world any more zany, but it has made it easier for us to share our communal zaniness. That's how it's come about that a newspaper in England has led us to a man in South Carolina who turned a Cessna into a car. The 27-foot Spirit of LeMons is a 1956 Cessna 310 body laid over a Toyota minivan chassis, originally built to compete in the 24 Hours of LeMons race in South Carolina. When the racing was done, its builder, Jeff Bloch – a.k.a. Speedycop – and The Gang of Outlaws decided to make it roadworthy. After adding paraphernalia like headlights and turn signals, voila, Bloch has a plane-car-thing he can drive on the street.

It isn't the first of Bloch-and-Gang's creations, the amateur mechanic and 17-year veteran of the Washington, D.C. police department having whipped up rides like the fastest street-legal P71-model Ford Crown Victoria in the country.

There's a video on the Spirit of LeMons below, a detailed piece on the creation of the Cessnoyota in Car and Driver, and you can check out Speedycop's site for a five-part video series on just how the thing was built.

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