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You think your commute stinks? These are the worst traffic jams ever

Forbes has run a piece outlining what are "arguably" the worst traffic jams in history - a list that naturally starts at Number Two since the traffic jam you're in is always the worst. Based on the dates, it looks like things are getting worse, quickly; the list of ten goes all the way back to 1969, with one in 1980 and another in 1990, but the remaining seven happened right here in our new millennium.

They also span the globe, but none of them took place in any of the ten cities currently listed as the worst spots in the world for traffic jams (in order from worst to not-as-worst: Brussels, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Milan, London, Paris, Honolulu, Rotterdam, Manchester and San Francisco). Holidays and weather are the main culprits, but special guests like the music festival and The Wall had their day, as well. Head on over to Forbes for the skinny on the stop-and-go.

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