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Hundreds stuck in giant traffic jam after snow storm strikes Japan

Several feet of snow fell in places, halting large trucks and grinding highways to a standstill

30-cent gas station promotion creates L.A. traffic nightmare

A Chevron station was participating in Amazon’s ‘Maisel Day’ promotion

Uber and Lyft are siphoning riders from public transit, study finds

Researchers say ride-hailing hurts bus and rail ridership, increases traffic congestion

Researchers say ride-hailing hurts bus and rail ridership, increases traffic congestion.

Ford video shows how adaptive cruise control eases traffic jams

Further proof that our own bad driving habits cause traffic snarls

Further proof that our own bad driving habits cause traffic snarls.

Watch a motorist reverse out of a traffic jam for more than a mile

Miraculously, the motorist avoided a collision

Miraculously, the motorist avoided a collision.

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Gridlocked New Jersey town finds 'waze' to keep commuters out

Cars without a yellow resident tag will be fined $200.

That route may save you eight minutes, but it'll cost you $200.

What's causing this traffic jam? If you tailgate, it's caused by someone like you

By keeping equal distance in front of and behind you, you'll get there faster, researchers say.

Maintaining equal distance between cars in front of and behind you is said to be key for optimal traffic flow.

Uber drones fly over Mexican traffic jams to heckle drivers

The only thing worse than being stuck in traffic is being taunted for being stuck in traffic. To drive home just how lousy it is to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, Uber has unleashed ad-carrying drones in Mexico City to let drivers know there's a better way to travel.

Why self-driving cars could solve traffic problems, but won't anytime soon

However, there are things we can do to improve traffic in the meantime.

Drummer turns traffic jam into jam session

Getting stuck in regular, workaday rush hour traffic is tedious and frustrating.

Police pull 35 workers out of six-seat van in China

Police stopped a van in Sichuan, China, last week and found it was stuffed with 35 people.

Drone gives bird's-eye view of 50-lane traffic jam in China

A drone flying above one of China's mega freeways caught these incredible images of a huge traffic jam during one of the busiest travel days in China.

Mercedes owners cause traffic jam during 40 minute standoff

Two Mercedes drivers in the UK refused to give way in a one-lane tunnel, causing a frustrating traffic jam for everyone else on the road.

String quartet plays impromptu concert for motorists in traffic

A quartet on their way home from a gig gave weary travelers a free concert while stuck in traffic over the weekend.

Americans Could Waste $2.8 Trillion Being Stuck In Traffic By 2030

Average driver sits in 65 hours of traffic during the year

A study from the Centre for Economics and Business Research and the company Inrix Inc claims to be the first to assess the "economic and environmental costs of U.S. traffic." It reports that cumulatively between 2013 and 2030 traffic congestion could cost the US $2.8 trillion.

Drivers In Pennsylvania Treated To Literal Traffic Jam

Delayed drivers dance, limbo to Caribbean beats

Caribbean musicians cheered up frazzled commuters over the weekend by creating a traffic jam of their own.

Drivers' Good Behavior Actually Creating Traffic Jams

Big traffic problems caused by small actions from individual drivers

Drivers can't see the bigger picture when it comes to how traffic flows, author Tom Vanderbilt told a crowd at the Boing Boing: Ingenuity Conference in San Francisco last month. And that's the fundamental cause of traffic jams.

This is the most epic scooter traffic jam you'll see all day

It's hard to fathom just how bad traffic can be in Asia. Sure, we hear about 60-mile-long jams and that motorists in China lose nine days a year to traffic, but until you can actually bear witness to the madness that is rush hour in an Asian city, there's no way to know how bad it is. It makes Los Angeles'

Even Tesla job fair gets too much attention, causes traffic jam

We know that when it comes to Tesla, every little thing has the potential to explode into the popular consciousness. Whether it's the rare fire or a good conspiracy theory, any news is good news. But we thought that this was just true on the Intern

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