The US just got its first taste of the Australian V8 Supercars Series this month at the Circuit of the Americas, but it seems that big changes are in store for the exciting series from Down Under. Following reports earlier this month that Ford will be ending production in Australia in 2016, is reporting that the death of the Falcon nameplate could bring rise to the Mustang running in the emerging race series.

With the Falcon being killed off, Ford could go with the Mustang creating more of a global market for the series. This would be a big step, though, since the series currently only uses four-door sedans as the racecars, opening the door for other brands to swich to more aerodynamic two-door models. For Mercedes-Benz, this would mean switching from the E-Class sedan to the coupe, while Nissan could trade in its V8-powered Altima for a more appropriate track car, the Skyline. As for Holden, the report states that the Commodore VF is slated for a replacement in 2017 and the big sedan will switch from a rear-wheel-drive layout to front drive.

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