When we drove the Volkswagen XL1, the incredibly efficient plug-in diesel hybrid pod that gets something like 261 miles per gallon, we learned that Volkswagen is only going to make 250 of them.
We later heard it was unlikely to come to the US, which isn't all that surprising.

What VW hasn't been very vocal about is how the car will make it in to customer hands, whether it will be a lease or sale deal, except to say that an announcement would come this summer. So, when Wired recently had the chance to get behind the wheel, it made sense that VW officials were a little more open, and hinted they are leaning more towards leasing rather than selling. We asked a VW representative ourselves, and VW of America's manager of product and technology communications, Mark Gillies, told AutoblogGreen that "it will most likely be a lease scheme."

We thought the XL1 shared more than aerodynamic looks with the classic GM EV1.

You can read our XL1 First Drive here.

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