Watch a rocket-powered bicycle set a new land speed record

Frenchman François Gissy has laid claim to a new land speed record using a rocket-powered bicycle. Yes, you read that right. A rocket-powered bicycle. Gissy and his bicycle managed to hit a mind-boggling 163 miles per hour (263 kilometers per hour) over a vacant stretch of highway in Munchhouse, France over the weekend.

The rocket was built by Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering, and it provides its thrust using liquid hydrogen peroxide – much more concentrated than what you'd find at your local drug store, so don't go trying this at home tonight – that is broken down to generate steam at 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch Gissy's record speed run in the trio of videos below, and take special note of the speeding cars and motorcycles he lines up against in two of them.

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