With a great soundtrack – Patty Griffin's Heavenly DayChevy is once again using robot dogs and real deer to tell us how eco-friendly the Volt is. The new Volt commercial, called "Silent Anthem," is basically an expanded version of the Volt's snippets from the Find New Roads commercial from February, but this time we see how wind power is the new gasoline (as you can see in the fictional "Instant History" iPad app used in the spot). Nice.

Sure, the ad doesn't really say anything new about the Volt, but it certainly gives off an idealized vibe, and is a far cry from the way most automakers try to sell most of their cars. Just compare this spot (of Nissan's polar bear ad for the Leaf a few years ago) with most of the car-alone-on-the-highway ads that are apparently filmed after the apocalypse. What's the real message here?

You can chime in after watching below.

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