Huffington Post and Gulf News are reporting that pop star (and by all accounts, terrible driver) Justin Bieber has racked up a number of speeding fines while driving past speed cameras at excessive velocities in Dubai. Piloting his Lamborghini Aventador on Dubai's Shaikh Zayed Road this past Sunday, Bieber racked up a reported six moving violations, according to the Dubai Police. Police apparently tried to make the singer stop, to no avail (it seems as though there's an interesting story not being told in there, somewhere).

Bieber was driving to and from a couple of concerts in Dubai on Saturday and Sunday, at least one of which he was reportedly late to. Fans should be heartened to hear that he was trying his best to make the show on time, we guess.

Interestingly, the Dubai police force has upped the firepower of its own motor pool recently. We know that the crew has an Aventador of its own, as well as an Aston Martin that should probably be good for giving chase in exotic infractions like this one. Keep your head on a swivel, Bieb.

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