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The List #0010: Drive a Big Rig Truck

A person's portfolio of automotive experiences should contain more than just family vehicles and the occasional sports car. That's why our list of 1,001 Automotive Things To Do Before You Die includes driving all sorts of different vehicles. So far we've driven drift vehicles, off-roaders and even tanks, and there are many more interesting conveyances we still want to sample.

One that's been on our list since the show's beginning is driving a big rig truck. We all pass these beasts of burden on the highway and probably don't give them a second thought, except maybe to question why one is blocking our way on the one day we're late for work.

Still, these many-wheeled machines account for the bulk of shipping that occurs in the US, and there's an army of highly trained drivers who pilot the nation's fleet. You can't just step out of your Ford Explorer and into the driver's seat of a big rig; you need schoolin' first.

We sent Jessi and Patrick to Southern California's Dootson School of Trucking, and because we had high hopes our two pupils could be taught to drive a big rig on public roads, before school started they were required to pass a Commercial Drivers License written permit test, as well as receive a physical and drug test as ordered by the Department of Transportation. With that out of the way, their lesson could begin.

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