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The List #0360: Learn to Drift

To let a car do what it wants is very different than making it do what you want. It's the difference between a car's rear end getting loose in a corner and the intentional act of drifting. There's a huge chasm of skill that lies between the two, though the end result might look the same sometimes.

A few of us on the Autoblog team know a thing or two about drifting, particularly that it's not as easy as it looks. To control that moment of chaos the way professional drifters do takes incredibly precise inputs (from both your hands and feet), the right equipment and many hours of practice. You can't just hop in a high-powered rear-wheel-drive car and go for it, but that's exactly what we asked Jessi and Patrick to do for this episode of The List.

They won't be alone. We've asked professional drifter Conrad Gruenwald to give them some instruction. How much can they learn in less than a day? Watch to find out.

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