Florida woman barely escapes certain death in Honda Accord

An unnamed woman is lucky to be alive today after her car was crushed by some heavy cargo that fell off a tractor trailer while driving through downtown Miami. The cargo consisted of some big and heavy engines that were apparently a little too tall to fit underneath the freeway overpass.

Video of the news report on ABC News shows the woman's Honda Accord took a direct hit to the driver's seat area from the heavy cargo, but somehow she managed to escape the incident unscathed. The report also says that the woman was driving next to the truck as it went under the overpass, which has no height-clearance signs.

In the video posted below, the woman can be seen laughing with police officers, and while we're sure this is mostly the joy of still being alive, we imagine there may be a hefty lawsuit coming the city's way.

Honda Accord Information

Honda Accord

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