Hidden inside the fast and sleek Tesla Model S electric-powered sedan is the beginnings of a family EV, a sprout that we'll see in full bloom in the upcoming Model X. Anyone who ordered a Model S without the third row kid seats, Consumer Reports explains that it's not too difficult to get them installed later.

The publication, which received delivery of its Model S in January, had ordered the $1,500 option of getting a third-row of rear-facing seats for the proverbial kids. CR reports that the seats came in stock and were installed by a Tesla service center in Queens, New York. The dealer sent a truck to pick up the Model S (it needed other service anyway), and the whole thing was done without hassle.

The seats accommodate two small people, face towards the back and each have five-point harnesses to hold the kids in place when Dad tries to get sideways. When not used, the seats fold into a well underneath the rear hatch. CR, which first reviewed the Model S in November, says it'll follow up with a write-up on how the seats performed in real-world testing, and whether the inevitable juice stains will be removable.

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