Polestar says goodbye to Volvo C30 in video tribute

The Volvo C30 was put to its eternal bed a few months ago, but the tuners at Polestar have a little more eulogizing to do. The Swedish house of speed that has raced and reworked the little hatch since its introduction in 2006 wants the world to know what they've been through together, so it has encapsulated seven years of around-the-world action into three minutes and 28 seconds of track footage and champagne.

We're still waiting on word of a replacement for the funny little hatch, and while we lament what could have been, the video below proves that the C30 provided plenty of thrills for those outside of the US. And as you can read in our recent review of the Polestar-enhanced road-going C30, it provided a decent amount of fun for those of us in the States, as well.

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A tribute to the Volvo C30

Polestar has worked with the Volvo C30 since its introduction in 2006 and has since then optimised over 1200 cars to private customers, claimed five racing titles and secured 20 racing victories with the model.

The C30 started its career with Polestar in the 2007 Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) season after an intense development work. The highlight of its racing career came in 2009 when Tommy Rustad secured the STCC title for Polestar.

Other than the optimisations for the road version of the C30 model, like the Black R and U.S. Limited Edition, a 455 HP concept car was built and tested by Top Gear:

"Really hard. Really raw. This car is epic." Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear.

Polestar has put together a tribute video of the car, showing the milestones with the model.

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