Now this is way cool. Not only are the 2013 Zero Motorcycles starting to trickle out of the factory, but the company has also just released an app in both iOS and Android flavors to pair up with any of its new electric bikes. In late-night infomercial terms, this thing chops, slices, dices, deep fries and fricassees.

Not only does it give owners rafts of real-time information about their machines – everything from time left to charge to the average watt-hours used per mile – but it can also be used to fine tune eco-mode performance characteristics. Want to boost the regenerative braking or increase available torque? No problem. Limit top speed? Easy peasy.

But wait, there's more. It also features a riding mode that allows the display of five different variables on the screen of your device while the bike's in motion. You can monitor the motor, controller, and battery temperatures, as well as the current state of charge. How about a trip odometer and the time of day? Yes, please. In all, there are 12 different settings to choose from and you can configure their position on the screen.

If you act now and download the app for yourself, you may discover features that could prove handy in the event your Zero suffers some sort of malfunction. Along with links to online and phone support, it also has the ability to pull the bike's logs and email them directly to the company for analysis. Did we mention this app is way cool? We did? Good. Because this is waaaaaay cool.

Now, we don't have any of the new Zero electric motorcycles sitting in the AutoblogGreen garage at the moment to try this fancy bit of software out on, but we are somewhat consoled that we could still download and check it out in demo mode. And, what we couldn't configure, we could read about on the Zero website. Still, there's nothing like the real thing and we're looking forward to trying this out on an actual bike.

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