We got pretty excited when Zero Motorcycles announced its new and highly-improved 2013 lineup in October and have spent a good deal of time since looking at the pictures, poring over awesome numbers (54 horsepower, 68 pound-feet of torque and 11.4 killowatt-hours!) and daydreaming about excellent electric adventures. Now that it's actually 2013 however, we want more.

We want to see more pictures and video of the machines in action, we want to try them out for ourselves and, most importantly, we want to see them in stores available for customers. Well, two out of three ain't bad. While we've yet to throw a leg over any of its battery-powered bikes this year, Zero has come through on the other counts.

With the launch of its new website, the California company is providing plenty of visual candy to further fuel our electric motorcycle desires. Besides action-packed footage of all its models – in both natural sound and music-enhanced versions – it's also put together a number of engaging customer testimonials, including a pair from record-setters Terry Hershner and Brandon Nozaki Miller (AKA the Electric Cowboy).

Best of all, though, customers are starting to receive bikes. Hollywood Electrics, Zero's top dealer for the past two years, has posted pictures on its Facebook page of its first two 2013-model year customers and we understand that production at its Scotts Valley headquarters is in full swing.

Scroll down for the "natural sound" version of videos featuring each of the five Zero Motorcycle models and let us know which one (or two) you'd like to have in your garage. We lean towards the DS, ourselves.

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