Last month, Consumer Reports decidedly panned the Mitsubishi i after a test drive of the small electric vehicle. The magazine doesn't dislike everything little and battery powered, though, and was quite a bit kinder to the Fiat 500e, saying it is "actually kind of a cool little car."

CR released a two-minute video for the Fiat test drive (available below) and complimented the car on its styling, with kudos given to its interior color scheme, special wheels and grille. CR noted that the car has little in the way of back-seat room and storage, but said it wasn't any worse than the regular 500 compacts.

As for performance, CR admitted that it was hard to figure out whether the 111-horsepower 500e would regularly hit its stated 80-mile single-charge range because the test drive was done in cold weather, but did say the car felt quicker than the non-turbo 500 because of the torque generated by the electric motor. In fact, CR went as far as calling the 500e "a hoot to drive." The publication criticized the Mitsubishi i for its sluggishness as well as for what CR said was the model's cheap finish.

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