It's hard to tell without another car for reference, but in the image above, 72-year-old Ernie Adams is driving a very small car. Actually, the technical name is a "dwarf car," a road-legal nearly-perfect replica of a full-sized car, and Adams built it from scratch. He's been building dwarf cars since 1965 – all of them from scratch, by hand. Adams was apparently the first to do it, and along the way he created the first dwarf race car and, unintentionally, the dwarf car racing series.

Working on his property in Arizona, Adams is still building them, and Jeff Diehl has put together a documentary on the man and his fantastic little creations. Adams was once the editor of a magazine called Dwarf Car Racer, so he knows the subject well. You can have a watch of the trailer for the doc below, it's an eye popper when you see Adams on the road in traffic. For an even fuller picture, check out the second Hemmings link to a magazine piece on Adams and his toys.

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