From the files of "wouldn't it be cool if..." comes this case of mistaken vehicular identity. See, the driver of this go-kart must think that he's piloting an actual street-legal motor vehicle. That has to be the explanation as why someone would be crazy enough to take a go-kart on busy city streets. The poster of this video was on his way to Sydney, Australia's Kingsford-Smith Airport, when he spotted this very brave – or very stupid – individual. We're leaning towards the latter.

At one point, the kart driver appears to either nearly lose control of his diminutive vehicle or intentionally try to spin it, in either case, he almost careens into oncoming traffic. This video should serve as a reminder as to why we have sensible traffic laws and regulations for motor vehicles. Apparently the Sydney police agree, and are reportedly keeping an eye out for the driver. We hope this guy made it to work safely, but really, this is a little ridiculous. Fair warning: There is quite a lot of accent-tinged foul language in this one, so it might be Not Safe For Work.

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