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Segway gets your drift with Ninebot Electric Gokart kit

Zero to 12 mph in 2 seconds and made to drift!

Zero to 12 mph in 2 seconds and made to drift!

Kyburg eRod is a road-legal, all-electric adult go-kart

It's like a guilt-free Ariel Atom.

This Swiss EV comes in three flavors, each with its own range of battery packs, electric motors, and performance levels. You want the Race.

Here's a 4-pound, 3-hp experimental rotary engine in a go-kart

It's not a Wankel, but it is installed in a go-kart. LiquidPiston's X Mini engine gets a micro-scale workout in this video.

This $900M cruise ship might be the most expensive race track ever

The Norwegian Joy will set sail from China in summer 2017 with a karting track aboard.

Buy this jet kart for someone you love (or hate)

There's a go-kart for sale on Craigslist in northern Maryland, powered by a Boeing jet turbine engine.

Teens steal go-karts at Lime Rock Park, two in hospital

Five teens broke into Lime Rock Park while it was closed to steal go-karts and drove them around the track. Two of the kids were injured in a crash.

Racing dispute devolves into kart-flipping brawl

It's a fairly well known fact that racers are quite a competitive sort, not taking well to losing or things that they view as unfair. That's led to some great confrontations over the years, with one of the most recent being the Ed Carpenter and James Hinchcliffe dispute at this year's Indy 500. Few driver spats, though, turn into massive, pit-clearing brawls like this one.

Go-kart driver can't go over the top

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." That must be the motto of the go-kart driver shown in this video. After an attempt to pass on the outside of a dirt oval track, he has a hard introduction with the wall (in what appears to be the worst possible way), but quickly shakes it off and resumes racing.

Refuel 2013: Rattlesnake Electric Sport go-karts go racing

You know what's a lot – a lot – of fun? Racing. You know what's really expensive? Also, racing.

Australian go-kart driver plays in traffic

From the files of "wouldn't it be cool if..." comes this case of mistaken vehicular identity. See, the driver of this go-kart must think that he's piloting an actual street-legal motor vehicle. That has to be the explanation as why someone would be crazy enough to take a go-kart on busy city streets. The poster of this video was on his way to Sydney, Australia's Kingsford-Smith Airport, when he spotted this very brave – or very stupid &nd

Racing Dreams documentary premiering on PBS in February [w/video]

Racing Dreams is an award-winning documentary that follows the racing exploits of three go-kart racing youths chasing an entry into the world of NASCAR. As we reported before, when Racing Dreams took the podium at the Tribeca Film Festival, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got behind this project as executive producer, and now this documentary is making its broadcast premie

Video: Translogic takes the all-electric Z-Kart for a spin

Translogic tours the neighborhood on the all-electric Z-Kart – Click above to watch video

Video: Translogic takes the all-electric Z-Kart for a spin

Translogic tours the neighborhood on the all-electric Z-Kart – Click above to watch video

Video: Worst go-kart pileup ever?

When go-karts attack – Click above to watch the video

VIDEO: MINI Clubman vs. Go Kart

The MINI Clubman is everything the MINI Cooper is and more -- nine inches more. It has a passenger-side suicide door and that wide-mouth split rear gate, but everything else from its retro looks to the 172-hp turbocharged four-cylinder underhood is the same. But is it the same? Does nine inches of wheel base ruin the go kart-like handling we love so much in the MINI Cooper S? The folks over at

VIDEO: Playing indoors - Lancia Delta S4 on a kart track!

How many times have you heard someone use the phrase, "That thing handles like a go-kart." Well, in the case of the Lancia Delta S4 of Group B fame, it's true. The video embedded after the jump was taken at an indoor track. Killer stuff, and it had to have sounded incredible in there while this was going on. Wherever this is, there's some pretty sweet hardware parked inside the tire barriers, too. Based on some Googling we've done, we're guessing the pilot is Bruno Ianello, who appears to have b