How to make art prints with your BMW M6

Matt Mullins has done everything from stunts in movies to driving with the United States secret service, but the BMW Performance Driving School chief instructor has never done this before. "This" in this case is creating postcards using a BMW M6 as the printing press.

A pressurized ink system was mounted in the trunk, which spayed ink up at the rear tires. It was controlled via a switch in the cabin of the turbocharged BMW coupe. Mullin then took the M6 out onto the track at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, where pieces of paper were placed in straight lines. Matt just had to spray the ink and drive over the paper, but keeping a high-powered machine such as the M6 in a perfectly straight line is still a little challenging. You'll just have to check out the video to see how he did.

When it was all over, the results of this little experiment were cut up into one-of-a-kind postcards, which BMW is sending out to M enthusiasts across the country. Sure you could create another BMW art car, or use the rear tires to do your best Jackson Pollock, but this way a great many fans will get to own a piece of yet another great intersection of BMW life and the art world.

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