Watch Mercedes-Benz's new A-Class in an anime adventure

What do you do with a new success? Work it. The still-warm A-Class is already the most successful launch in Mercedes-Benz history, yet the German brand is still coming up with new ways to show it off to more people. The latest example comes from Mercedes' Japanese outpost, which has created an anime series for the compact hatch called "Next A-Class." The new video shorts are part of the promotion ahead of the model's launch in Japan this January.

The futuristic, city-shifting action centers around a mythical, mystical noodle truck, the hitch being that you have to somehow find it and then actually catch it before you can buy anything from it. Thankfully, the protagonists have an A45 AMG to do the trick. An insider's note: the noodle truck is based on the 1955 Blue Wonder, an actual Fifties-era race transporter powered by the inline six from the 300SL Gullwing. Check out the series' first installment below.

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