Nissan is reportedly gearing up for another assault on the Nürburgring. According to The Truth About Cars, the company believes the refinements it made to the 2013 GT-R will be enough to skip the supercar around the track in record time. Chief Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno says there's "quite a bit of margin" in the car's current 7-minute, 18-second time for the course. That's just over five seconds slower than the unofficial time by the Dodge Viper ACR. But Nissan has something special up its sleeves.

The company has whipped up a new Track Edition that Mizuno says is good for under seven minutes. That machine makes use of the same engine as the production car, but lacks a full interior in the name of weight savings. Likewise, there's a set of super-sticky Dunlop race rubber on all four corners. The car isn't legal in Japan because it does not come equipped with the required 112 mph speed limiter. Even so, we can't wait to see what it does around the Green Hell.

Nissan GT-R Information

Nissan GT-R

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