Aerovironment has installed 10,000 residential chargers in the US. On top of these, there are many at Nissan dealers and more at BMW dealers that offered the ActiveE (around 70). Soon, possibly, there will be some at US Fiat Studios. Aerovironment's Tom Carney, director of automotive sales and EV solutions, recently told AutoblogGreen that more news will be coming from Fiat on the deal with Aerovironment, most likely at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show where the 500E will take a bow.

While AeroVironment is Nissan's preferred vendor, Nissan dealerships have the discretion to choose the brand of charger they install. Nissan makes a 44kW DC Quick Charger unit that is sold by AeroVironment and costs under $20,000.

The Fiat deal came about in an interesting way. Nissan had asked AV to put together a dealer package so that when people buy a Leaf they also have an easy way to get a home charger. Since this package was still on the books, AV recently took it to Fiat in preparation for 500E sales. We should know more in a few weeks.

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